Welcome to Seel’s Outboard, Charleston, South Carolina

Seels Outboard, Inc. is a family owned and operated business. Established in 1964 and Incorporated in 1974 – We are celebrating 50 plus years in the boating industry.

We invite you to visit our dealership showrooms in Charleston and Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. View our wide range of boat models on display – Your boating adventures are endless in possibilities with a boat from Seel’s Outboard.

Our product lines have enduring quality and comfortable style.

Along with highest customer satisfaction, safety, quality, and reliability, and countless awards, Grady-White’s SeaV2® hull performance has been ranked #1 in each of the eight J.D. Power and Associates Marine Studies ever done. There is no ride that compares to Grady-White’s.


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Nationally ranked the #1 best seller with the driest ride in its class and the most comfortable and functional boat design with its Vortec hull.


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Quality deck boats that are a great value for family recreation and comfort on the water.


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Made by Fishermen for Fishermen – Durability and a Legacy of Toughness Since 1946.


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